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about Shea & Poor

Shea & Poor is a family business based on family values.

Charles Poor and Daniel Shea built the business by taking a personal interest in the needs of every client, and that philosophy continues to this day.

Everyone at the agency makes it clear to every customer, company representative, and vendor that they are a valued part of the Shea & Poor family. Simply put, we are fully invested in the well-being of everyone we work with. We form close relationships with our customers and establish a level of trust that sustains long-term relationships.

Some would have you believe that insurance is a price-driven commodity. We don't believe that. Rather, we believe that insurance is a complex investment that requires professional guidance, competitive products, and a caring attitude.

And that's what we provide – every day.

customer service

Shea & Poor is genuinely concerned about each and every client, whether you have a claim, need to make a policy change, or have coverage or payment questions.

If you are reporting a loss and have photos, please email photos to: info@sheaandpoor.com.


What to do, if you have an auto accident.

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Please note: effective April 19, 2016, Shea & Poor moved to new office space at 2 Eastern Avenue, Worcester.

Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

We are available after normal office hours by appointment. If you have an emergency and need to contact someone outside of normal business hours, please call 800-287-8501.

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2 EasternAvenue
Worcester, MA 01605

2 Eastern Avenue | Worcester, MA 01605

508-754-3238 | info@sheaandpoor.com | desktop version

1. Safety

check for injuries

move cars to a safe place

turn on hazard lights

do NOT leave the scene of the accident

2. Report the accident

call 911, even if it is minor

contact Shea & Poor

3. Do not admit fault or discuss details with other drivers

4. If possible, make notes

get names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance info of other drivers

take and email photos

fill out and submit as much of the claim report as you can

2 Eastern Avenue | Worcester, MA 01605